sexta-feira, dezembro 31, 2004

Juha's Reveillon

Uma das cenas mais fortes que já vi, foi no filme "Instinto" (Instinct, EUA, 99), em que Anthony Hopkins, Dr. Ethan Powell, e Cuba Gooding Jr., Dr. Theo Calder, discutem:

Ethan: I don't want your help.
Theo: What do you want?
Ethan: I want you to listen and share close to you.
Theo: Why don't you tell others?
Ethan: I am not for this world. Not any more.
Theo: What world is that? In your memories.
Ethan: I want to finish this.
Theo: Finish what? What made you think what you know is any different from what other people know.
Ethan: I have different teachers.
Theo: O.K. So, I am supposed to pass on your...
Ethan: Yes, I suppose.
Theo: What made you you pick me?
Ethan: Looking into your eyes. You seem to have powerful brain. That look. curious, searching, unsatisfied, slightly pissed off.
Theo: Why didn't you pick your daughter.
Ethan: Leave it alone!
Theo: Why did you refuse to talk about it. She wants to see you. I say we talk about it.
Ethan: I was wrong about you, Juha.
Theo: Explain that.
Ethan: Tell them to open this door. You're not the one, Juha.
Theo: I'm not the one?
Ethan: No.
Theo: I am not the one who cuts your medication? I am not the one who would say if you are incompetent for a hearing and a chance of getting out of here? I am the one.
Ethan: Oh, yeah?
Theo: I am the one.

(Ethan agarra, violentamente, Theo pelo terno e o lança contra a mesa. Rapidamente Theo é imobilizado.)


(Apesar do esforço, Theo fica completamente à mercê de Ethan que, com uma chave de braço, prende o pescoço de Theo e coloca uma fita adesiva [duct tape] em sua boca. Ethan continua a conversa, falando no ouvido de sua vítima.)

Ethan: So who's in control, huh? Are you? Am I? The guards outside? The warden in his office? Yeah? Who's in control? (Ethan pega o gravador de Theo) Testing, testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, 4. Dr. Ethan Powell interviewing Dr. Theo Caulder. Now, this will be a very simple test, pass or fail, life or death. Now you write on this paper what I have taken from you. What have you lost? (gritando com violência) Write it! WRITE IT!
Theo (escrevendo no bloco de papel): "control"
Ethan (rasgando e jogando fora a folha): WRONG! You never had control, you only thought you had it! An illusion, tabibu juhu! And what do you control - for sure, huh? The volume on your stereo? The air conditioning in your car? What else? WHAT ELSE? ... Alright. Another chance. You were nervous. Too much presure. Try again. What have you lost? What did I take? Write it. Write it!
Theo (continuando a escrever no papel): "my freedom"
Ethan (novamente rasga e joga, a folha, fora): You're a fool, juha! Ha! Did you think you were free? Where were you going at 2:00 today? Into the gym, right? In the morning, your wake up call. In the middle of the night, when you wake up sweating with your heart pounding. What is it that has you all tied up, juha? Is it ambition? Yeah... You're no mystery to me, boy. (sussurrando) I used to be you. Okay. One last chance. You think I won't do it? Ha. What's one psychiatrist less to the world. I'm already deep in the pit. So what else can they do to me? Last try. Get it right. What have you lost? What did I take from you? Write it.
Theo (chorando e tremendo com o lápis na mão): "my illusions"
Ethan: Yeah. Congratulations. (soltando-o, beija sua bochecha e arranca a fita). You're a student, after all. And you're lost nothing but your illusions... and a little bit of skin. (Theo arregala os olhos. Ethan pisca o olho para ele.)

O ser humano precisa de ilusões. Precisa da alegria do Reveillon e do "Feliz Ano Novo". Precisa da esperança por dias melhores. E que seja assim: que cada um receba aquilo que precisa, e que receba em dobro, com juros e mora por ainda não ter recebido na quantidade desejada.

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